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COGNIGY.AI is the Conversational AI Platform focused on the needs of large enterprises to develop, deploy and run Conversational AI’s on any conversational channel.

Given the arising need of voice interfaces as the most natural way of communicating with brands, Cognigy was founded in 2016 by Sascha Poggemann and Phil Heltewig. Our mission: to enable all devices and applications to intelligently communicate with their users via naturally spoken or written dialogue.

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Monitoring virtual agent performance and usage is a critical component of conversational AI project implementation. To achieve this, Cognigy.AI provides a built-in Agent Dashboard alongside offering the full agent analytics data via the Cogngiy OData Endpoint.

Analytics Dashboard

The analytics dashboard is available for each agent created in an organization. The dashboard can be accessed from the agent home screen by clicking on the preview widget.


Techinar video "Analytics & OData"

Watch this Episode of Cognigy Sessions for a technical deep dive


Agent Analytics

Head over to Analytics Dashboard for more information.

Connect with Dashbot and Chatbase

Any Cognigy.AI endpoint can be natively connected to third-party analytics vendors Dashbot or Chatbase.


Dashbot & Chatbase via Cognigy.AI Endpoints

Find out more information here.

OData Analytics Endpoint

Cognigy.AI exposes all agent analytics data to an OData feed that allows administrators to import agent performance data into external data visualization tools for building custom dashboards.


OData Analytics Endpoint

Head over to OData Analytics Endpoint for more information.

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