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Fuzzy Search


The Fuzzy Search Node enables a Flow to search through a list (string array) of source data by providing a search pattern. It will return the best possible match(es), based on a set of parameters.

The score assigned to each match ranges from 0 (the closest match - best) to 1 (no match - weakest).

The result will be stored in either the Cognigy context (context.STORE) or input object (input.STORE) using the store name given in the node's settings.

In case of an error, this is stored in either the Cognigy context (context.STORE.error) or input object (input.STORE.error).


Parameter Type Description
Search Pattern String The pattern to search for
Source Data JSON An array of strings or an object to search through
Is Case Sensitive Boolean Indicates whether comparisons should be case sensitive
Include Score Boolean Whether the score should be included in the result set. A score of 1.0 indicates a perfect match, while a score of 0.0 indicates a complete mismatch
Include Matches Boolean Whether the matches should be included in the result set. When active, each record in the result set will include the indices of the matched characters
Minimum Characters Number Only the matches whose length exceeds this value will be returned
Should Sort Boolean Whether to sort the result list, by score
Find All Matches Boolean When activated, the matching function will continue to the end of a search pattern even if a perfect match has already been located in the string
Location Number Determines approximately where in the text is the pattern expected to be found
Threshold Number At what point does the match algorithm give up. A threshold of 1.0 requires a perfect match (of both letters and location), a threshold of 0.0 would match anything
Distance Number Determines how close the match must be to the fuzzy location (specified by Location)
Ignore Location Boolean When activated, search will ignore Location and Distance, so it won't matter where in the string the pattern appears