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Copilot: Next Action Tile

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This Node is designed to determine the appropriate next step or action in a conversation or process based on the user's input or the current context. This Node helps guide a conversation flow and ensures that the system responds effectively to user requests or queries.


Parameter Type Description
Tile ID CognigyScript The ID that you created in the AI Copilot configuration.
Text CognigyScript Enter the text you want to display in the next action widget. This text is an essential part of guiding the conversation.

Use Case

This Node helps the human agent by providing guidance and predefined instructions based on the user's question. For instance, if a user asks about the latest release version, the agent can give them both the answer and links to important updates in that release.

If you are using Live Agent as a handover provider, you can forward information from the widget to the Reply to User section by clicking forwarder and then sending it to the end user.

The Next Action Tile Widget in AI Copilot

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