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Organization Details

The Organisation Details page includes an analytics overview section labeled Billable Conversations, offering platform administrators a comprehensive report on the volume of conversations that have taken place among all agents in the organization.

To access the Organisation Details page, click User Menu in the upper-right corner of any Cognigy.AI page and then select Organisation Details.

Billable Conversations

The chart shows a number of billable conversations.

The Billable Conversations report

Report Filtering

The report can be filtered by year and month using the date filter dropdown lists in the top right of the page.

Delete an Organization

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This feature will delete all the data from your organization.


There is no way to undo the deletion action. Once you initiate the process, all your data will be permanently deleted.

Before the organization deletion, you need to set up:

  • A valid system administrator email in the environment variable SYS_ADMINISTRATOR_EMAIL.
  • The Cognigy.AI Management UI properly installed, and its path set in the environment variable MANAGEMENTUI_BASE_URL_WITH_PROTOCOL.

This process contains the following steps:

  1. A user with an admin role (system administrator) will request to delete the organization from the Organisation Details page. This action will trigger a request to be sent to the system administrator (email set as SYS_ADMINISTRATOR_EMAIL) for the next step.

    Delete Organization

  2. Once the system administrator receives the email, they will be able to click on the provided link to the Management UI with the embedded token to proceed with the deletion. The system administrator will need to have a valid user for the Cognigy Management UI.

    Organization Deletion Email

  3. After logging in to the Management UI, the system administrator needs to click the Delete Organisation button that signifies the point of no return for deleting the entire organization.

    Delete an Organization in Management UI

Finally, once the deletion process has been completed, the system administrator will receive an email notifying that the organization has been completely removed.

Delete Organization Completed Email