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Voice Gateway Parameter Details

Cognigy Voice Gateway comes with a large number of configuration settings which can be controlled directly from within your Cognigy Flow. These settings can be applied individually to two scopes:

Setting Session Parameters

Session parameters can comfortably be set with the "Set Session Config" Node. When executed, the settings will apply for the remainder of the session.

Setting Activity Parameters

Activity parameters can be set per activity/node. If for example barge in is set on the Play Node, barge in will only be activated during the execution of this node. Therefore, the user will be able to interrupt the bot during this output, but not afterwards.

Voice Gateway Session and Activity Parameters


Synthesizer - Text-To-Speech - Settings

The TTS settings can be chosen from a pre-filled dropdown for Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google.

Parameter Type Description
TTS Vendor Dropdown Select the desired TTS Vendor
TTS Language Dropdown Defines the language of the Voice Bot output
TTS Voice Dropdown Defines the voice that should be used for the Voice Bot output
Custom CognigyScript The custom fields can be used to choose a TTS voice, which is not in the dropdown list. This can be the case for region specific voices. The format to use is depending on the TTS Vendor e.g. de-DE-ConradNeural

Recognizer - Speech-To-Text - Settings

The STT settings can be chosen from a pre-filled dropdown for Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google.

Parameter Type Description
STT Vendor Dropdown Select the desired STT Vendor
STT Language Dropdown Defines the language that should be recognized
STT Hints Text Array of words or phrases to assist speech detection. Note: This requires support from the STT engine
Enable Voice Activity Detection Toggle Delay connection to cloud recognizer until speech is detected
VAD Sensitivity Slider Detection sensitivity, the lowest value has the highest sensitivity
Minimal Voice Duration Slider Milliseconds of speech activity required before connecting to the cloud recognizer
Disable STT Punctuation Toggle Prevents the STT response from the bot to include punctuation marks

Barge In

Barge In enables the interruption of the bot.

Parameter Type Description
Barge In On Speech Toggle Enables to interrupt the bot with speech.
Barge In On DTMF Toggle Enables to interrupt the bot with DTMF digits.
Barge In Minimum Words Slider Defines the minimum number of words that the user must say for the Voice Gateway to consider it a barge in

User Input Timeout

Defines what should happen when there is no input from the user.

Parameter Type Description
User No Input Mode Dropdown Define the action if a user does not provide input to the bot in time
User No Input Timeout Number Define the timeout for user input in ms
User No Input Retries Number Defines how often the bot should retry to get an input from a user before completing the call


Enables DTMF collection.

Parameter Type Description
Capture DTMF signals Toggle Enables capturing of DTMF signals by the bot
DTMF Inter Digit Timeout Number Defines the timeout in between collected DTMF digits
DTMF Max Digits Number Defines the maximum number of digits which can be entered by the user, the digits are being submitted automatically once this limit is reached
DTMF Min Digits Number Defines the minimum number of digits before they are forwarded to the bot. This can be overridden by a submit digit
DTMF Submit Digit CognigyScript Defines the DTMF submit digit which will be used for submitting the previously entered digits. This overrides the minimum digits validation

Continuous ASR

Continuous ASR enables the Voice Gateway to concatenate multiple STT recognitions of the user and then send them as a single textual message to the bot.

Parameter Type Description
Enable Continuous ASR Toggle Enable or disable Continuous ASR
Continuous ASR Submit Digit CognigyScript Defines a special DTMF key, which sends the accumulated recognitions to the flow
Continuous ASR Timeout Number Defines the number of milliseconds of silence before the accumulated recognitions are send to the flow