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Voice Gateway Transfer Node


The Transfer Node allows you to transfer an ongoing call to a Tel or SIP target.

Parameter Type Description Transfer Type
Transfer Type Dropdown - Refer - forwarding an existing call.
- Dial - creating a new outgoing call. If you want to use this type and still have the old Node version, add a new Voice Gateway Transfer Node in the Flow Editor and manually transfer the required settings from the old Node.
Reason CognigyScript The reason for the handover. It is shown in Voice Gateway logs. All
Target CognigyScript E.164 syntax or a SIP URI are supported. All
Caller ID Number The caller ID. Some carriers, like Twilio, require a registered number for outgoing calls. Dial
Dial Music URL Custom audio or ring-back which plays to the caller while the outbound call is ringing. Only the .wav or .mp3 formats are supported. Dial
Transcription Webhook URL The Webhook is triggered with an HTTP POST whenever an interim or final transcription is received. Uses the default recognizer. Dial
Custom SIP Headers JSON Array of objects listing SIP headers that should be sent to the transferee. Each object comprises a name and a value attribute. All