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Any Slots

Any Slots are catch-all placeholder slots that allow you to match keyphrases of arbitrary length outside of your Lexicons. If user input matches the placeholder slot exactly it will populate a Cognigy Slot with the matched content. The result is the same as if the matched user input had been added to an attached Lexicon as a keyphrase.

To add an Any Slot, simply annotate a word in your example sentence and select the "Any-Slot" type. Then enter the desired slot name.

An example sentence with Any Slot "movie_title" such as...

...will dynamically add user input that matches the pattern exactly to the slot movie_title:

Any input content that matches the pattern of an Any Slot in your example sentences exactly will be populated as a new Cognigy Slot. The result will be the same as if you had populated a Lexicon with the tag of your placeholder Any Slot and a keyphrase identical to the matched user input.

  • Up to 4 different Any Slots per sentence
  • Up to 500 example sentences with Any Slots per Flow
  • Example sentences with Any Slots must be less than 400 characters long
  • Any Slot patterns are interpreted exact matching and will always trigger a 1 score on the intent. Lexicon Synonyms or Annotations are treated synonymous for the purpose of matching.
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