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Real Time Translation Settings

Cognigy.AI supports integration with various Real Time Translation Services, so you can automatically translate incoming text to the language of your flow and the flow output back to the language of the user.

Real Time Translation Settings

Configure Translation Provider

Translation Providers

Before using this feature we need to configure a Translation Provider that will be used for real time translation. The choice of provider won't impact the configuration, but there might be differences in the translation results and the list of supported languages.

Translation Settings

Each Translation Provider requires the following parameters:

Parameter Description
Translation Provider API Key The API Key required to use the translation APIs
Request Retries How often to retry calling the translation provider if an error occurs
Request Timeout How long to wait for the provider to answer a request (in milliseconds)
Sentence Cache Expiry Timeout How long to keep translated sentences in the cache. The options are: 0 (no caching), 3600 (one hour) or 84600 (one day)

Microsoft Translator optional parameters

The Microsoft Translator has two extra optional parameters as follows:

MS Translator optional Settings
Parameter Description
Custom API base URL Use this field if you would like to use an URL different from the default one (
Custom Subscription Region This is the location (or region) of your Azure MS Translator resource. You may need to use this field when making calls to this API, if you set a specific region in your Azure account.

Configure Real Time Translation Settings

Real Time Translation Settings after provider selection

After selecting a Translation Provider, we can now configure these parameters in the Endpoint configuration:

Parameter Description
Enable Translation Whether or not Translation is enabled for the Endpoint
User Input Language The language of the user inputs
Flow Language The language of the Flow outputs
Set user input language on execution count If the input language is set to 'Auto-Detect', it will be fixed to its current value on this execution count
No-Translation Marker Do not translate texts encapsulated in this marker (e.g. 'I love the Cognigy.AI platform' will not translate 'Cognigy.AI')
Always remove No-Translation Markers Whether we remove No-Translation Markers, even if translation is not enabled
Prevent payloads from being translated If active, prevents all user inputs based on payloads to be translated