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Send Email Notification


Using the Email Notification Node you can send quick and easy emails in presentation sessions or for inhouse communications without any e.g. provider settings. Further on you can use the Email Notification Node to send an email from your Cognigy installation to users. This can be helpful if you want to e.g. trigger a report for your Flow architects.


Recipients & Sender Configuration

Recipient Email Address

The recipient of your email. Separate multiple recipients with a comma or semicolon.

CC Email Addresses (Advanced)

The CC recipients of your email.

BCC (Advanced)

The BCC recipients of your email.


Email Subject

The subject of the email.

Email Content

The content of the email. The field supports basic rich text editing.

Priority (Advanced)

You can use this to set your priority to "high", "normal" (default) or "low"


Result Storage

Can be set to "Don't store result" (default), "Input" or "Context". If set to "Input" or "Context", you can define a location for the result within "Input" or "Context. The result of the sent mail response will then be put at that location.

Stop on Error

If switched on, the flow execution will halt in case the mail-sending fails.

Execute Request asynchronous (Advanced)

If switched on, the flow execution will continue directly after the Send Email Node was triggered. If turned off, flow execution will wait until the email is sent.

Email Template

The email will be sent with templating around it, looking roughly like this:

The recipient will get the email notification

Please consider:

  • Your SMTP Server settings need to be adjusted to use the internal Cognigy Email notification!
  • Email attachments are restricted (e.g. files, images). If required use Send Email Node.