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Azure Bot Services

Within our Cognigy.AI platform you're able to connect your Cognigy Agent to Azure Bot Services by using our Azure Bot Services Endpoint integration.

Generic Endpoint Settings

Find out about the generic endpoint settings available with this endpoint on the following pages:

Supports Inject & Notify

You can use the Inject & Notify functionality with this type of Endpoint.

Channel Specific Settings

The Bot Framework Settings dropdown menu is where Cognigy.AI needs to be provided with the credentials to connect with an Azure Bot Services deployment.

Microsoft App ID

This value is the Microsoft App ID which is obtained in the settings page of your bot in the Azure Bot Services Dashboard.

Microsoft App Password

This value is the Microsoft App Password of your Bot, also referred to as the Client Secret. This is obtained by creating a new Client Secret in the App Registrations page for your bot in the Azure Bot Services Dashboard.

Help Center

More detailed information on how to set up an Azure Bot Services Endpoint refer to our Help Center articles here.

Microsoft Teams

Version badge

As of release v4.9 the display changes for clicked postback buttons in a Microsoft Teams chat.

When clicking the postback button in a quick reply, gallery, list, or button configuration, the button title is displayed now on the user side of the chat. For other Azure bot service channels, this change is not relevant.

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