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Cognigy Voice Gateway

Within our COGNIGY.AI platform you are able to connect your Agent to your Contact Center or other phone numbers using our Voice Gateway, allowing customers to speak to your Agent instead of just writing with it.

Watch this Episode of Cognigy Sessions for a technical deep dive

Voice Gateway Settings

Async Mode

When async mode is enabled for the Voice Gateway, then outputs will be sent directly as they are processed in a Flow. This can be beneficial when the Flow for example has to send an HTTP request. When the async mode is off, then the outputs will be sent when the entire Flow has finished processing for the given input.

The Inject & Notify functionality only works when async mode is enabled.

Voice Gateway specific Nodes

Cognigy.AI comes with a large number of inbuilt Nodes to control the Voice Gateway. See Voice Gateway Nodes for more information.

Number Meta Data

Cognigy Voice Gateway identifies information about the caller and adds it to the Cognigy Input Object as

Parameter Type Description Example
number string The phone number of the caller, including country code +4921154591991
country string The 2-character country code DE
countryCallingCode string The calling code of the country 49
nationalNumber string The national number without the country code and without a leading zero. 21154591991
valid boolean Whether the number is valid true
valid string The type of number. See below. FIXED_LINE
uri string The URI for the number tel:+4921154591991

numberMetaData.type can be any of:

  • VOIP
  • UAN
NumberMetaData in Tokens

All of the above are available as Tokens inside Cognigy Text fields as well.

Generic Endpoint Settings

Find out about the generic endpoint settings available with this endpoint on the following pages:

Contact Center & Phone number linking

To link a Voice Gateway Endpoint to a phone number, please contact your Cognigy representative in order to provision and configure a VG instance.

AudioCodes VoiceAI Connect

Cognigy VG is 100% compatible with AudioCodes VoiceAI Connect, where you can sign up for free and get a phone number within minutes.

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