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Cognigy Voice Gateway

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Within our Cognigy.AI platform you are able to connect your Agent to your Contact Center or other phone numbers using our VoiceGateway, allowing customers to speak with your Agent instead of just writing to it.

Voice Gateway Specific Nodes

Cognigy.AI comes with built-in Nodes to control Voice Gateway. See Voice Gateway Nodes for more information.

Call Meta Data

Voice Gateway identifies information about the caller and adds it to the Cognigy Input Object as

Parameter Type Description Example
headers JSON The SIP Headers of the call on INVITE, including Custom Headers See example below
number string The phone number of the caller, including country code +4921154591991
country string The 2-character country code DE
countryCallingCode string The calling code of the country 49
nationalNumber string The national number without the country code and without a leading zero. 21154591991
valid boolean Whether the number is valid true
valid string The type of number. See below. FIXED_LINE
uri string The URI for the number tel:+4921154591991

numberMetaData.type can be any of:

  • VOIP
  • UAN
  "from": "<caller-phone-number>",
  "to": "<sip-destination>",
  "call-id": "<id-value>",
  "X-Custom-Headers": "<custom-headers-value>",
  "X-Originating-Carrier": "<carrier-name>",
  "X-Voip-Carrier-Sid": "<id-value>",
  "X-Twilio-AccountSid": "<id-value>",
  "X-Twilio-CallSid": "<id-value>",
  "other-properties": "..."

NumberMetaData in Tokens

All of the above are available as Tokens inside Cognigy Text fields as well.

Call Events

Allows to activate call events for a Flow.

Parameter Type Description
Enable Call Events Toggle Enable or disable the Call Events setting.
Event Selector Select the event that will trigger the action.
Action Selector Choose the action to be performed when the call event is detected:
- Inject into current Flow - inject the defined text and data payload into the current flow.
- Execute Flow - trigger a selected flow when the call event is detected.
- None - no action will be taken when the call event is detected.
Text Payload string Enter the text that will be sent to your Flow. Available only for the Inject into current Flow action.
Data Payload JSON Provide the data that will be sent into your Flow in JSON format. Available only for the Inject into current Flow action.
Execute Flow Selector Execute the selected Flow. Flow execution will stop afterward. Available only for the Execute Flow action.

Generic Endpoint Settings

Find out about the generic Endpoint settings available with this Endpoint on the following pages:

Contact Center & Phone number linking

In order to route your Contact Center or Phone Number to your Voice Gateway Endpoint, get in touch with us via an email to

Rebranding of Voice Gateway with AudioCodes

With the native Voice Gateway integration to Cognigy AI the AudioCodes implementation will be rebranded from Voice Gateway to AudioCodes. This applies to the Flow Nodes and the Endpoint. You can find the AudioCodes documentation here.