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Agent Assist Workspace (Beta)

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  • This feature is currently in Beta. We encourage you to test the feature and provide feedback so that we can improve it before its official release.
  • Cognigy reserves the right to change the billing of Agent Assist in the future.

Cognigy Agent Assist Workspace offers a variety of advanced features that empower agents to provide faster and more accurate customer support. The workspace is fully customizable with widgets that display the most relevant information for any chat and voice use case. When embedded into your contact center's agent desktop, it enhances the overall efficiency of your contact center.

Key features

  • Displays completely interactive micro applications in a customizable grid.
  • Adds rich-media capabilities to any contact center stack.
  • Stand-alone or integrated into existing contact center agent desktops.
  • Shows any type of information like PDFs or even interactive 3D animations.
  • Access to 100% of Cognigy.AI features, including Extensions and extensive logic.

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