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Timezone support

Insights applications support presenting time-based data with an account to the user's timezone.


In OData feed time is always in UTC format. You should take this into account if you compare it with Insights.

Changing preferred Timezone

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By default, Insights uses timezone preferences of your device. You can override this in My Profile.

This comes handy if you travel a lot and your device timezone gets updated by your location, or you may have a multinational Agent with the users all over the globe.

To change timezone preferences:

  • Click on the user icon in the top-right corner.
  • Select My Profile.
User menu with 'My profile' option
User menu with "My profile" option
  • Choose preferred timezone in the "Select Timezone" input.
Excerpt of the settings on 'My Profile page'
Here selected the "Europe/Berlin" timezone


Custom Timezone preferences are stored inside the browser storage, means you need to select custom timezone preference again if you change the device and/or the browser.