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Using the API

What is the Cognigy API?

For communication with the Cognigy.AI installation, the frontend uses an HTTP-based API. This API can also be used by developers to build custom integrations with Cognigy.AI. We also offer a library in the form of an NPM package called the "rest-api-client" which helps to lower the burden of consuming our APIs. This library is available on NPM and is written in modern JavaScript including Typescript definitions.

What are the API capabilities?

Any kind of information that is visible and any kind of action that can be performed in the frontend is queried or triggered through this API, which is 100% exposed for developers, too.

What do I need to access the API?

To use the API, you will need to have two things:

The API baseurl

This is the url which the API is available at.

Environment API Base URL
Trial (
App (
On-Premise Installations This is the url that has been defined as BACKEND_BASE_URL_WITH_PROTOCOL in your production.env file

Manage API Keys

An API key is used to authenticate to the Cognigy.AI API as a user in the system without exposing the user's credentials.

To generate an API key, read Create API Keys.

To delete an API key, read Revoke API Keys.

How do I use the API?

Cognigy API includes an OpenAPI documentation which outlines all the different API operations in detail. For example for Cognigy trial environment it can be found at

To do a call to the API, do an HTTP request and add either - a query parameter api_key with your API key as value - a header X-API-Keywith your API key set as value

Let's assume I have a Cognigy.AI installation running at and I created myself an API key which reads myDummyApiKey123.

I can now open a new browser tab and go to to get a list of all the projects that are assigned to me, including meta-information about the resources within that project. This call, for example, is used by the frontend when you load the Projects page.

Super API-Key

Most of the APIs in Cognigy.AI are agent-bound, meaning that a developer using our API can only request information from agents he actually has access to. There are certain use-cases where e.g. all Flows within a certain Organization should be listed. For such use-cases, we have introduced a feature called the "Super API-Key" with our 4.1.4 release.

Feature availability

This feature is only available for on-premise customers with separate Cognigy.AI installations.

This feature is, by default, disabled in all Cognigy.AI installations. Our on-premise customers can activate this feature by setting the following environment variable to "true":


This API-key is not bound to a specific user and lives within the scope of an Organization. It can be used to manipulate all assets and objects within the system.

Super API-Key and TTL

This API-key has a default TTL (Time to life) of 15 minutes for security reasons. Once the key has been created, it will only be valid for 15 minutes.