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Cognigy.AI features a powerful Localization concept, that allows for customizability combined with content re-use.

The Localization view allows for the configuration of any number of localizations. The system works with fallback layers, meaning that a Locale that has not any content configured, will fall back to another Locale that has.

Primary locale not changeable

While creating an agent you have to choose the so-called primary Locale. You will usually start to create content for your virtual agent using this Locale. While you can add additional Locales later on in order to localize the content of your agent, you can't change the primary Locale.

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With Cognigy.AI 4.10.0 automatic translation of content such as Nodes / Intents has been added to the Cognigy.AI platform. Cognigy solution is a native integration of leading machine translation providers into the Conversational AI platform.

Automatic Localization

More details about automatic localization you will find here: Automatic Localization.

Using localization in Flows

Localizations act as groupings of specific content and can be applied in Flows by using the Localization drop-down functionality.

When switching Localization, the Flow will change its appearance. Greyed out Nodes indicate that they have not been localized yet.

Switch Locale during a conversation

It is possible to change the locale of a flow during a conversation by using the Switch Locale node.

Adding a Locale to a Node

When a different Locale is activated in the Flow (by using the drop-down at the top), individual Flow Nodes can be overwritten with a specific Locale.

This can be done by click on a specific Node and then selecting Add Localization at the top of a Node. As soon as a localization has been added, the Node will be colored again in the Flow Chat, indicating that a localization has taken place.

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Translation Settings

With Cognigy.AI 4.10.0 the Agent configuration has been extended with a section Translation Settings.

Agent Translation Settings


The configuration options and their functions are listed below:

Parameter Description
Translation Provider currently available provider with Cognigy.AI 4.10.0:
- Microsoft Translator
- Google Cloud Translation
- DeepL Translate Pro
Translation Provider API Key The API Key to use for the Translation Provider.
Request Retries How often to retry calling the translation provider if an error occurs.
Request Timeout How long to wait for the provider to answer a request (in milliseconds).
Sentence Cache Expiry Timeout How long to keep translated sentences in the cache (in seconds).
Custom API Base URL Define a custom endpoint instead of default (for example one for your region). Added with Cognigy.AI 4.16.0.