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User Menu

The User Menu provides access to a set of views that are related to the user that is logged-in.

My Profile

The My Profile view exposes a number of settings that apply to the user that is logged-in.

My Profile

Head over to My Profile for more information.

Access Control

The Access Control interface offers a user management interface. It acts as an Access Control List (ACL) and makes it possible to give users a specific role.

Access Control

Please refer to Access Control for more information.

Usage Statistics

The Usage Statistics interface offers a platform analytics overview for agent usage.

Usage Statistics

Please refer to Usage Statistics for more information.


This option refers to the documentation that you are currently browsing.

Get Tech Support

This functionality allows for the creation of Support Tickets, directly from within the user interface. It allows you to describe the issue at hand and optionally add attachments.


This options lets the user logout of the user interface.

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