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Download Report

Download Report as .csv-file

Every widget on the Insights dashboards provides a 'Download report as .csv file' item in a dropdown menu.

To download a report proceed as follows:

  • Click on the secondary actions menu in the top right corner of a dashboard widget.
  • Select "Download report as .csv file" with another click. The report will now be stored in a csv file.
Intents by Score Range

The downloaded report file contains the complete widget data set (depending on the filter settings) for your data storage or further analysis.

Example: Downloaded .csv report file including the data set for "Intents by Score Range"

Export Analytics Reports as CSV using API

Cognigy.AI 4.10.0 provides to export the Analytics reports as CSV using API. This API makes sure that a report does not return only the data displayed intents in a chart but all intents. Even the CSV export for a transcript is provided.

Cognigy Insights:

  • can reply Analytics reports as CSV data
  • can reply transcript reports as CSV data
  • returns full data if no limit is provided for intents

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