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The Agent Settings menu provides customization options for creators to activate, deactivate and adjust important settings that affect the performance and results of the agent's NLU and flow logic.

Head over to Settings for more information.


The Localization feature provides tools for enabling multilingual agents. Here you can add a Locale that will be applied across an agent and allow for language specific output messages to be configured within flows.

Head over to Localization for more information.


Tokens provide a user-friendly option for retrieving dynamic data, without the need for writing code. Accessing the input, context and profile is possible by using default or custom Tokens that are available from the AI menu on the right side of each dynamic text field within flow nodes.

Head over to Tokens for more information.


The Extensions feature provides creators with the ability to add their own Flow Nodes to the Cognigy.AI platform to extend the capability of agents. Extensions perform specific customized tasks such as interacting with back-end systems or triggering processed that are unique to an organization.

Head over to Extensions for more information.


The Members feature is an administration tool that is used to manage the access rights of collaborators across an organization.

Head over to Members for more information.

Contact Profiles

Contact Profiles store information about the end-users of your AI and can be accessed by Flows and Endpoints to enable cross-channel conversations with personalized content.

Head over to Contact Profiles for more information.


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Packages allow our customers to export individual resources like Flows or Lexicons in order to share those assets with other teams. Packages automatically contain their direct dependencies and can be shared as a portable zip archive once downloaded. Customers can also upload packages and get merge resolution steps displayed.

Head over to Packages for more information.