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Cognigy.AI Documentation

Welcome to the platform documentation of Cognigy.AI, a Conversational AI platform that helps you create advanced virtual agents that can be rolled out across a wide range of channels.

Continue with our Platform Overview or use the menu on the left for more detailed information on the wide array of Cognigy.AI features.


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New to Cognigy? Start here! The Help Center features "How-to"-guides that help you with your first steps in the platform.

Got stuck? Visit our community to post questions to specific challenges and problems you might have. This is most-likely the fastest route to an answer in case you were not able to find one so far.

Is something not working the way it should? Found a bug? Contact our support by clicking here.

Click here for our API documentation.


Previous Version Documentation

If you're looking for documentation on a previous version of Cognigy.AI, you can select the respective version from the dropdown menu in the top left corner of the page. The default documentation is always the latest release.

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