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COGNIGY.AI is the Conversational AI Platform focused on the needs of large enterprises to develop, deploy and run Conversational AI’s on any conversational channel.

Given the arising need of voice interfaces as the most natural way of communicating with brands, Cognigy was founded in 2016 by Sascha Poggemann and Phil Heltewig. Our mission: to enable all devices and applications to intelligently communicate with their users via naturally spoken or written dialogue.

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Release notes


Released: April 14th, 2021


Email Node improvements

We have added the ability to select well-known SMTP providers in our "send email" Flow-Node. This helps our customers to configure their target SMTP servers more easily when using one of these well-known services for sending emails. We have also added new functionality in the form of attachments as well as the ability to put contacts on CC.

Think Node enhancements

We have added the ability to "think" Intents within our Think Flow-Node. This option will exist next to the already existent "text" option. It helps developers to more easily trigger an Intent directly.

Analytics Steps for Flow-Nodes and Intents

One of our larger missions for 2021 is various analytics enhancements. Adding analytics steps is one of the first building blocks on this journey. It allows our customers to define analytics labels for Flow-Nodes and Intents. All of our Question-Nodes will automatically get those analytics labels assigned. The labels can be used to understand when customers drop off within a conversation. We have also enhanced our ODATA interface to expose those data points.

Contact Profile Explorer enhancements

We have added the ability to filter inactive Contact Profiles in the Contact Profile Explorer. This will help our customers to more easily search through their Contact Profiles while focusing only on the active ones.


  • The downloadable package of a Snapshot will now only be downloadable for a limited time


  • Fixed that clicking on another Node while editing a Node would close the edit menu without a warning message
  • Fixed that the default category tags would show up in search in the create Node menu
  • Changed the user ID for the Dialogflow Endpoint when using the chat in the Dialogflow console
  • Fixed that empty default replies would still be triggered
  • Fixed that "activeQuestion" was not available in the input object for rule intents
  • Fixed a bug where a basic user without any Agents assigned would see a blank page
  • Fixed that Attached Flows would not be triggered when using Execute Flow
  • Fixed a bug related to Arabic inputs
  • Fixed that System Slots were still detected when they were turned off in the Flow Settings
  • Fixed a bug that a user with the flowNodeComments and flowNodeDescription roles could not edit comments and labels of a Node
  • Fixed a bug in the annotations when exporting Intents
  • Fixed that data only messages would not be filtered in the Reject Intent
  • Fixed a performance-critical bug in one of our analytics services
  • Fixed a bug where extremely long input messages could break Intent scoring


Released: March 31st, 2021


  • added support for the Userlike-Unified-Messaging API in our Userlike integration
  • added a tiny rich-text editor to our send email Nodes content field
  • added the ability to bulk-create Intent Localizations
  • added tooltips to our handover- and httpRequest-Flow Nodes in order to better explain the individual properties
  • added the ability for our on-premise customers to "trust" the code within an Extensions in order to execute them in a less secure, but highly performant way
  • product alignment with VoiceGateway v2.4 features
  • improve NLU training stability by adjusting the TTL for Training Jobs and adjust the concept of how Training Jobs will time-out
  • improve UX by removing the "Delete all Intents" functionality from the Intent Editor when a non-primary Locale is selected
  • increase the size of drop zones when dragging Flow Nodes in the Flow Editor
  • improve error message when a Lexicon with duplicate data was uploaded


  • fixed a bug in the Date-Picker so our customers can use named-dates such as "tomorrow"
  • fixed a bug in our OpenAPI specification for the Import-Lexicon API
  • fixed a bug where the GoTo Flow Node auto-selects "Start"-Node each time the Node Edit Panel will be visited
  • fixed a problem in our sidebar where e.g. the build menu sits
  • fixed a bug where the main/attached-Flow priority setting was broken


Released: March 22nd, 2021


  • improve Intent-Training performance when States and Intent-Conditions are used
  • various UX-improvements related to the user interface for creating, selecting, and editing Connections
  • added the ability to create Case-Nodes to Lookup-Nodes with a single click
  • improved the Agent-Creation-Wizard by adding descriptions to all endpoints, reordered the Endpoints in the channel-selection step
  • added the ability to make a Flow-Node an entry point by using the context menu (right-click on a Node)
  • improve UX in our Endpoint-Editor for the Cognigy WebchatWidget by separating the actual WebchatWidget configuration from the WebchatWidget demo-webpage configuration
  • added the ability to use CognigyScript in Intent confirmation sentences
  • updated internal dependencies of our NLU services in order to support certain DNS schemes when e.g. using MongoDB Atlas for a Cognigy.AI installation


  • fixed a bug in our user interface where context-menus would sometimes jump
  • fixes a small visual issue in language-select dropdowns in certain Channel-Endpoints
  • fixed a bug where our Intent-Feedback report would not work for non-primary Locales
  • fixed a bug where enabling/disabling Intents would not trigger the "training required" indicator in our user interface
  • fixed a bug where Webhook-Endpoints would not properly work
  • fixed a bug where Flow-Nodes could be appended to the End-Node using our copy&paste functionality
  • fixed a bug where Intent-Training would not succeed for larger training-sets as an internal mechanism would time-out


Released: March 8th, 2021


  • added the ability to disable implicit Slot parsing for System- and Lexicon Slots
  • added the ability to use nested conditions in Flow node fields
  • added the ability to create a "super-API-key" for our on-premise customers in order to use our RESTful API without project-wide restrictions
  • improved various sections in our RESTful API documentation (OpenAPI spec)
  • added the new validation concepts which we have recently introduced into Question Nodes for Slot Fillers as well
  • improved tooltips and wording of such in various locations within our user interface
  • update our integrated WebchatWidget to version 2.25.2 which brings in multiple improvements; please check the changelog in the WebchatWidget GitHub repository for more details
  • improved the look and feel of various selects and autocomplete-fields and make them more consistent
  • improved our documentation for applying a custom theme to the Cognigy.AI user interface


  • Fixed a bug where whitespaces at the end of example sentences with annotated slots would break our NLU
  • Fixed a bug where certain keys would not be displayed for the contact profile within the Interaction Panel
  • Fixed a bug where creating Playbooks from within the Interaction Panel would have an incorrect name
  • Fixed a bug where the context menu could jump to the top left corner on list views
  • Fixed a bug where established connections when using our MongoDB Flow nodes would not get properly closed
  • Fixed a bug where errors while un-assigning a project would not be properly displayed in our user interface
  • Fixed a bug where merging Contact Profiles would not properly work for default Profile fields
  • Fixed a bug related to Default Replies when using negative confirmation
  • Fixed a bug where only users with the global "admin" role could perform a read operation on Contact Profiles
  • Fixed a bug where only users with the global "admin" role could perform index operations on various resources like Flows
  • Fixed a bug related to Optional Questions and entry points
  • Fixed a bug where "stopping" Flow nodes would show a visual gap behind them
  • Fixed a bug in our NLU pipeline where our Money Slot would not properly work
  • Fixed a bug in our Management UI where users created by the Management UI would not have proper meta-data
  • Fixed a bug where the "styling" attributes would have no effect on certain Flow nodes (e.g. Case nodes)
  • Fixed a bug where the collapse/un-collapse button would not be displayed for Flow nodes that are disabled
  • Fixed a bug where neither CognigyScript nor Localization would work for confirmation sentences in Intents
  • Fixed a bug where Rules within Intents could not contain special characters


Released: February 18th, 2021


  • improved our question-nodes by adding the ability to define exit-conditions
  • improved the reliability of parallel intent training jobs
  • improved the ability for white-labeling by exchanging the default messages for our endpoint- and API-services
  • add full TLS/SSL support for Redis and the ability to use fully-managed service for Redis
  • improve various selects (e.g. flow select, node select) and add an option to also provide ids manually
  • improved various file-select menus and only allow files of correct file-types
  • improved Typescript typings in Code-node
  • improved German translations in our user interface
  • expose the real client IP in the Cognigy Input Object


  • Fixed a bug in our VoiceGateway endpoint where the userId was incorrect for outbound calls
  • Fixed a bug where a goTo-node would not executed all nodes that follow the node that you jump to in certain conditions
  • Fixed a bug where tasks would not be cancelable for non-admin users
  • Fixed a bug related to old projects and attached Flows
  • Fixed an issue and bring back real-time analytics tiles
  • Fixed a bug where the incorrect intent would be used when using a GoTo node
  • Fixed a bug where the create-agent journey step would only get completed when using the create function, not the creation wizard


Released: February 8th, 2021


  • Added the Avaya CPAAS endpoint
  • Improved the capability of our snapshotting feature and improved support for large assets (e.g. lexicons with > 70.000 entries)
  • Improved user experience in the Flow Editor by adding a suffix when creating e.g. two Say-Nodes
  • Update our integrated WebchatWidget to version 2.25.1 which brings in multiple improvements. Please consult the changelog in the WebchatWidget GitHub repository
  • Added snapshot description as a tooltip when hovering the snapshots in the list view
  • Improved our pre-defined tokens and adopted them to use the newer syntax for input, context & profile
  • Added support to reparse Google Dialogflow slots
  • Added support to reparse system slots for Amazon Alexa
  • Improved Typescript typings for our @cognigy/extension-tools package (version 0.11.0 on NPM)
  • Improved the support for white-labeling our product by adding support to exchange the favicon and the content displayed in the "news" section on our dashboards
  • Increased the limit of fields a single section can have in Flow Nodes


  • Fixed a bug where attached Flows would not use their own settings, but the settings from the Flow they are attached to
  • Fixed a bug where the error-highlighting for nodes was not properly displayed
  • Fixed a bug where our Interaction Panel would crash when using Playbooks
  • Fixed a bug where selecting our holidays-skill in the agent creation wizard would result in an error
  • Fixed a bug where our inject API would not work for real-time/socket sessions after reconnects
  • Fixed a security-related issue regarding role-management
  • Fixed a bug for Facebook Messenger where an empty default action web-URL would return an error
  • Fixed various issues related to our "list"-type in the default-tab of the Say-Node
  • Fixed a bug where "disable conversation" and our "blind mode" would not work properly
  • Fixed a bug where our Flow Editor would crash
  • Fixed a bug where one of our analytics services (service-analytics-conversations) could crash under some circumstances


Released: January 22nd, 2021


  • Improved the performance of the Flow Editor for large Flows
  • Added tooltips to the Intent form
  • Improved the workflow for creating multiple new users
  • Added colors to node comments
  • Improved displayed content for small screens
  • Added a new Trigger Intent button type to the Say Node
  • Added a warning to Endpoints that have no Flow selected
  • Added the ability to upload Extensions with dependencies (node_modules)
  • Added a Log-Message Node
  • Added a Overwrite-Analytics Node
  • Add support for using self-signed SSL/TLS sertificates with our httpRequest node
  • Add support to see HTTP response headers when using our httpRequest node


  • Fixed a bug where the plus button for creating case nodes was visible in read-only mode
  • Fixed a bug where the Lexicon page count would be incorrect when changing the number of keyphrases to show
  • Fixed a bug where duplicate Handover nodes would appear in the Create Node Menu
  • Fixed a bug where the STT/TTS language of the interaction panel was always English
  • Fixed a bug where you could not use _cognigy directly in outputs from Code Nodes
  • Fixed a bug where the enforce password policy in the management-ui was not working
  • Fixed a bug where several text fields in nodes did not support multiline input
  • Fixed a bug where dragging nested intents would generate wrong previews
  • Fixed a security vulnerability in our Lexicon editor regarding keyphrases
  • Fixed a bug where the entry point markers would be displayed for manually set entry point nodes
  • Fixed a bug where a "Forbidden Error" would be displayed briefly after creating a new Agent
  • Fixed a bug where the date picker fields in the edit Node menu would overflow
  • Fixed a bug where "Continue Execution after Default Reply" setting would not work in executeFlow
  • Fixed a bug in Alexa slot reparsing
  • Fixed a bug with legacy any-slots
  • Fixed a bug where the UI could crash when switching Flows with the node editor menu open
  • Fixed a bug where the size of Snapshots would increase
  • Fixed a bug in conditions with broken left side operators in e.g. If-Nodes
  • Fixed a bug where Slot annotations in Intents were not included in the intent download
  • Fixed a layout issue in our Interaction Panel for the Apple Safari web-browser
  • Fixed a bug in our OData service where the service would not start
  • Reduced the length of a token related the Single Sign On process
  • Fixed a bug where an NLU-transformer could crash one of our system components
  • Fixed a bug where deleting a Flow could improperly update endpoints using that Flow
  • Fixed a bug related to data-validation and endpoint-transformers for our REST endpoint


Released: December 23rd, 2020


Cognigy Live Agent (lite)

Cognigy Live Agent (lite) is here! The Cognigy Live Agent replaces the old Cognigy Livechat in Cognigy.AI version 4. Live Agent comes as a more de-coupled product and will be extended in the future.

Quick NLU training

We have introduced a quicker way for you to train your Intents. If users do not utilize states and conditions in their Intents, they can now use the new quick training method in order to train their Intents way faster. Users can still decide whether they want to go with the slower training approach which will take states and conditions into consideration.

Indian languages

These release of Cognigy.AI introduces support for the following new languages:

  • Hindi
  • Bengali
  • Tamil

We are always happy to extend the capabilities of our product and would love to get feedback on the quality of the language support for these new languages.

WebchatWidget WCAG 2.0 Level A Compliance

We added full support for WCAG 2.0 Level A Compliance to our WebchatWidget. Release 2.24.0 of our WebchatWidget offers accessibility features we did not support, yet. We have also added the ability to specify the necessary alternative text for all sorts of rich-media elements our users can compose in the 'default' and 'webchat' Channels within our Say-Node editor.

Please have a look at our release-page on GitHub:

Additional Question Node Features

We have extended our Question-Nodes to make them more powerful. Cognigy.AI 4.1.0 adds features like extra validation, optional re-prompt validation, a configurable forget threshold as well as a new type of question for data inputs. We have also added the ability to specify an optional result location for the result of your questions.


  • Add Intent- and Slot-parsing to our GoTo-Node
  • Uploading intents in non-primary locales is now possible
  • Improved Input-Transformers by allowing partial results
  • Improve client-side validation on various fields (e.g. required, needs at least x characters, can't contain certain characters) in our user interface to improve user experience
  • Improved performance while training Intents through composing data in batches
  • Improved finding various slots when using NLU Connectors
  • Adjust the scrollbar size when hovering scrollbars in order to improve the user experience
  • Add a 'loading state' to our Lexicon Editor which will be displayed when loading larger Lexicons
  • Allow users to hide the settings displayed on the Logs page
  • Add an 'admin' indicator to project members who are global administrators
  • Sort agents by their 'last changed' value
  • Improvements in the first step of the creation wizard
  • Improve the way how we display/render long Flow-Node names
  • Improve the OpenAPI documentation for security-related REST API endpoints
  • Removed unnecessary API calls when leaving resource list views
  • Add product version number into the user menu so users don't need to logout to see the version number
  • Adjust example regular expression displayed in Question-Nodes of type 'regex'
  • Improve the position of our 'Help' button to make it more visible


  • Fixed a bug where the create-profile RESTful API would not work properly
  • Fixed a bug where deleting and re-creating extensions would not invalidate a cache which would result in errors during Flow execution
  • Fixed a problem where deleting a Snapshot or Locale could break the configuration of existing Endpoints which would reference these
  • Fixed a layout-related problem for JSON and XML code editors
  • Fixed a bug where the 'Login with Amazon' button on the Alexa-Endpoint would not work
  • Fixed a permission-related problem with extensions
  • Fixed a bug where Code-Nodes could not get copy/pasted within Flows
  • Fixed Japanese translations in our user interface
  • Fixed right-to-left selection in fields where customers can select CognigyScript
  • Fixed a couple of small issues regarding our List view in the default Channel of our Say-Node
  • Fixed a bug where URL-encoded properties could not be used in our Code-Node (e.g. %-sign)
  • Fix spelling mistake in the Alexa channels editor
  • Fixed a bug in our SSML-Editor related to an incorrect 'prosody' closing tag
  • Fixed a bug where the callback URL configuration would be missing in our Webhook-Endpoint
  • Fixed misleading error message when updating Lexicon Keyphrases in the Lexicon Editor
  • Fixed a bug where comments would not be shown hon hexagonal Flow-Nodes (e.g. our If-Node)
  • Fixed a bug that would crash the Logs page
  • Fixed a bug where the voice property in our Twilio-Endpoint would not get properly persisted
  • Fixed a memory leak in our ODATA interface which leads to performance and stability issues
  • Fixed a performance issue in the Lexicon Editor
  • Fixed a bug where the internal IDs would not get properly replaced with the names of users on the Lexicons list view
  • Fixed a bug where the name of an Agent would not get properly displayed after creating a new Agent
  • Fixed a bug where the 'speech output' field for Google Actions was not required
  • Fixed a bug where the more explicit names 'input', 'context' and 'profile' (instead of 'ci', 'cc' and 'cp') could not be used in Rule-Intents
  • Fixed a bug where the Facebook Messenger converter was not being used for our Workplace Endpoint
  • Fixed a bug related to date-parsing
  • Fixed a bug where audio and video icons would not be centered in Say-Node previews
  • Fixed a bug regarding Intent- and Lexicon-Uploads
  • Fixed a bug in our REST API regarding pagination. This would lead to multiple API endpoints not returning the correct data
  • Fixed a bug where the Journey icon was not theme-able


Released: December 1st, 2020


  • Introduce a new List-type for our Say-Node
  • Add an automatic number-lookup which will provide meta-data (country, etc.) for Voice Gateway Endpoints
  • Add new Tokens for exposing information about the caller (Voice Gateway)
  • Improve our Task Manager and add more details to it
  • Improve performance of Snapshots and decrease their size
  • Add documentation for how to apply a custom theme to our User Interface (dedicated only)
  • Improve labels for Watson NLU Connector
  • Increase the allowed number of characters a Readme file can have within an Extension
  • Improve the usage of our search box when pasting content
  • Add a graphical inspector for the Conversation Counter to the management UI
  • Improve the Flow selection UX while creating an Endpoint/editing an Endpoint
  • Implement Voice Gateway Endpoint verification
  • Removed duplicate library which provides type information in Code-Nodes and in Typescript-based fields in Nodes. This greatly decreases the size of our User Interface and improves initial page-load speed


  • Fix a bug where conversion from our Default-Tab in Say-Nodes would not work for Google Actions
  • Fix a bug where fields with a custom schema could not get updated in Contact Profiles
  • Fix a bug where the set/reset Context functionality in the Interaction Panel would not work
  • Fix a bug where deleting an Extension would lead to Flows being broken that would use a Node from this Extension
  • Fix a bug where we would not display an image preview for quick replies
  • Fix a bug where long Flow names in the attached Flows section would overlap
  • Fix a bug where text asserts and partial data/context matching would not work properly in Playbooks
  • Fix a bug where Tokens would not have previews in quick replies
  • Fix a bug where Tokens would not have a proper preview for our If-Node
  • Fix a bug where a potential Gravatar icon would not be used in the menu
  • Fix a bug where default replies would not work if an Intent will be specified in an NLU Transformer
  • Fix a bug where the list view was broken in the Say-Node editor for our Webchat
  • Fix a bug where users with +-sign in their email address could not log in
  • Fix a bug where deleting a Flow would lead to broken attachments in e.g. other Flows
  • Fix a bug where Single Sign-On login would not work when emails contain uppercase characters
  • Fix a bug where Input Transformers could break our Inject-API
  • Fix a bug where resources from another agent would be shown when switching agents


Released: November 12th, 2020


  • Improve our management-ui and add the ability to be able to change passwords for users
  • Improve intra-service caching which leads to a big performance improvement of the overall platform
  • Improve positioning of "send message" button in our Interaction Panel in the Edge 18 browser
  • Publish revision 2 of our "Installation- and Dev-Ops documentation"
  • Improve Endpoint- and NLU-Connector select field
  • Add missing translations keys and improve the translation of our User Interface
  • Add conditions to Webchat- & Messenger button templates
  • Add Flow selection dropdown to Flow Editor
  • Improve feedback in our User Interface when customers upload Snapshots
  • Improve styling of various select menus in our User Interface
  • Add optional text/data for our GotTo-Node
  • Add a localeSwitch-Node as well as an action that can be used in e.g. Code-Nodes
  • Add the ability for users with the "admin" role to change passwords of other users in our User Interface
  • Improve error handling when an NLU-service would crash while training Intents - the train tasks would now properly report an "error"
  • Improve error messages in various edit/create dialogs - e.g. when creating a user, the User Interface will now display conflicts with the configured password policy
  • Integrate Cognigy Voice Gateway Extension natively


  • Fix a bug which leads to inconsistencies in the task-managers list of running tasks
  • Fix a bug where the "license has expired" notification on login would not get displayed
  • Fix a bug which leads to our Flow-Nodes look weird while they got dragged in the Flow-Editor on Chrome
  • Fix cc/cp autocomplete in Code-Node editor
  • Fix condition for "get started text" field for the Webchat endpoint
  • Fix problem where the Dialogflow console could no longer be used to talk to a Dialogflow Cognigy Endpoint
  • Fix a bug where the Interaction Panel would not get properly reset when changing the selected Snapshot
  • Fix a bug where the system message (e.g. used for maintenance purpose) would not get properly displayed
  • Fix a bug where long sentences with line breaks would get cut-off when pasted into a Cognigy-Script field
  • Fix a bug where customers could not create a button of type "Phone Number" in the Messenger channel
  • Fix a bug where roles would not get properly mapped when Single Sign On (SSO) is used
  • Fix a bug where our Question-Nodes would not work when the "type" is set to "regex" and "store detailed results" was disabled
  • Fix a bug where the platform would send hidden content of e.g. Say-Nodes to end-users/the WebChat widget
  • Fix a bug where users with the "projectManager" role could not properly create projects
  • Fix a bug in our NLU system where exact matching would not take precedence over slot-replaced matches
  • Fix a bug where "slots" would not appear in analytics data produced by the system
  • Fix a bug where the OAuth2 token-refresh of the platform could fail after system hibernate/suspend
  • Fix a bug where attached Flows could not longer get sorted properly in our User Interface
  • Fix a bug where large Snapshots got invalid when getting compressed
  • Fix a bug where the multiple functionalities would not properly work in our Interaction Panel (context reset, reset state)


Released: October 22nd, 2020


  • Improve styling of our create-button used within several places of our UI
  • Improve styling for slots within example sentences in our FlowEditor
  • Improve styling for our notifications in our UI
  • Make sure "headers" are typed in Transformer code-boxes in the Endpoints
  • Improve feedback when uploading an Extension
  • Improve OpenAPI documentation for managing project members and remove non-exposed fields from documentation
  • Increase FlowNode limit to 512 Nodes in a single Flow


  • Fix bug where deep object comparisons for playbook data- and context-asserts would not properly work
  • Fix bug where the Intent feedback report would not be properly working when using attached Flows
  • Fix compatibility issues with Microsoft Edge 18
  • Fix issues where certain data would not get loaded in various places in our UI
  • Fix year-limits for date parsing in our NLU sub-system
  • Fix issue where CognigyScript parsing or Code-Node execution could break when legacy Node actions will be used
  • Fix bug for SunshineConversation and RingCentralEngange Endpoints which was related to storing session information


Released: October 2nd, 2020

This is our latest major release. We changed a lot, fixed a lot of issues, and added many new features that make COGNIGY.AI the most advanced conversational AI platform on the market. Please feel free to explore our new documentation and signup for your free product trial:

Released: August 2nd, 2018


  • Improved NLU System that was introduced in 3.0.3 for german language
  • Improved Cognigy.UIs error handling so users do not reload the page if a component crashes
  • Improved actions.output so the second parameter is optional
  • Improved the way how the endpoint is handling connections - websockets and fallback http polling is possible now
  • Changed the default value of the keep alexa session open to true
  • Changed the default values for stop after childFlow in question nodes
  • Changed save buttons to have more consistent placing in Cognigy.UI


  • Fixed a bug where the system would not answer sometimes
  • Fixed a bug where we had no confirmation screen in the intent editor
  • Fixed a bug in the facebook preview where vertical images would not get displayed the correct way
  • Fixed a bug in the webchat where the persistent menu was broken
  • Fixed a race-condition within the endpoint that sometimes would result in an incorect order of messages
  • Fixed a bug in realtime analytics
  • Fixed a bug where the flow service would throw timeouts
  • Fixed a bug within the connection editor - the type of the previously selected connection would be used for new connections
  • Fixed a bug where the state would not be shown in the Interaction Panel when displayed on the projects page
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in a blank page on an empty gallery element for facebook
  • Fixed a bug where the UI element to create projects was shown even if users with a certain role could not create projects
  • Fixed a bug where the vertical image within an alexa card had a broken preview within the Cognigy.UI
  • Fixed a race-condition in the Flow Editor that resulted in a stack of errors if the page was reloaded in some circumstances
  • Fixed a bug where the bot would always have the name CognigyBot for the Slack channel


  • Improved documentation on how to reach the api service in an on-prem installation
  • Improved documentation for facebook profile and update profile settings for endpoint(s)

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