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Agent Assist Setup

Setting up a Flow

Agent Assist uses a Flow to provide additional information to your Agents in realtime.

To setup Agent Assist for Live Agent, first you will need to create a new Flow within your Project.

During an active Live Agent handover, all customer inputs will be shot against this Flow and the outputs of the Flow are displayed to the human agent as part of the conversation.

Definition of an Active Handover

Please note that Agent Assist messages are only shown based on customer inputs that are received during an active handover, that is after the human agent has initially responded.

You could create Intents, for example, and use Lookup Nodes in combination with Say Nodes to provide helpful information to your Agents based on customer inputs.

Setting up your Endpoint

Now that you have setup your Flow, you will need to configure your Endpoint.

Click Deploy and then Endpoints. Go to your Webchat Endpoint.

Scroll down and click on Handover Settings. At the bottom you will find a field for Agent Assist Flow.

Here, click the dropdown menu and select the name of the Agent Assist Flow you've created in the previous step.

Clive Save and you are finished with your Endpoint setup.

Testing Agent Assist

To test Agent Assist, start a Webchat and complete handover to Live Agent.

After the handover is complete, send a message as an Agent. Then, send a message as the user in Webchat.

Once the Agent has received this message, they will receive a dropdown menu labeled Assist. In this menu, they will find the results from the Flow sent via Agent Assist.

The Agent can click the blue arrow to forward content to the customer.

Setup Complete

This completes the setup for Agent Assist!

For more, please visit our Live Agent documentation here: