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Adding Agents and Admins to Live Agent

After you have Set up your Endpoint and Flow for Handover to Live Agent and tested a Conversation, you can add new Agents and Admins, and assign them to Inboxes in Live Agent.

Creating a User

Login to Cognigy.AI. If the Agent or Admin you want to add already exists as a user in Cognigy.AI, skip to adding their Live Agent Roles.

Go to the top right corner of your screen, and open the User Menu. Click Access Control.

User Menu

Next, click the button labeled Create new User. Here you will create the credentials for your Agent.

Create New User Menu

Adding Live Agent Roles to Users

Cognigy Live Agent has two roles: Administrator and Agent. You can learn more about these two roles here:

To add one of these Roles to users, go back to the top right corner of your screen, open the User Menu and click Access Control.

Click the user you would like to assign Roles to. Now you will see Global Roles, simply click the plus arrow and choose the Role needed.

Assign the liveAgentAdmin Role to users who are to have Admin rights in Live Agent. Assign the liveAgentAgent Role to users who are to have Agent rights in Live Agent.

Global Roles Menu

Adding Agents to an Inbox

Open Live Agent, and click the gear icon for Settings. Next click Inboxes and the gear icon next to your Inbox.

Once in the Inbox settings, click Collaborators. Here you can add your Agent to the Inbox.

Adding Agents to an Inbox

Live Agent Setup Complete

This completes the setup of Live Agent!

See Further Live Agent Documentation

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