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Endpoints are used to connect external channels, such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, Alexa and many others, to specific Cognigy Flows. They convert channel-specific input and output (images, galleries, voice) to the standardized Input object. This way, a Cognigy Flow needs to be developed only once, after which it can be deployed to many channels by configuring Endpoints.

Find more details about each type of endpoint and links to our Help Center in the Endpoints section of the documentation.

Standard Endpoints

The platform includes many pre-built Endpoints that can be configured in a couple of steps.

Endpoint Description
Webchat The Webchat is an open-source web-based chat widget that can be embedded on any website.
Alexa Alexa is Amazon's Virtual Assistant voice AI device. The devices come in different versions, like the Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Show.
DialogFlow DialogFlow is Google's Natural Language Understanding framework. By configuring a DialogFlow Endpoint, you can connect your Flow to all channels that are support by DialogFlow.
Facebook Messenger Messenger is Facebook's messaging app and platform.
Google Actions Google Actions are part of Google Assistant and let you connect your Flows to any Google Assistant device.
Voice Gateway Voice Gateway lets you connect to SIP interfaces, which means that your Virtual Agent can be connected to the phone network.
Intercom Intercome is a live chat suite.
Line Line is a popular messaging and voice call app.
Azure Bot Services The Azure Bot Services Endpoint allows you to connect your Virtual Agent to all Azure Bot Service channels.
Microsoft Teams Microsoft Teams is a popular communication and collaboration platform.
REST The REST Endpoint lets you connect to a Cognigy Flow directly through a REST interface.
RingCentral Engage RingCentral Engage is a customer engagement platform that features built-in support for many channels and live-chat capabilities.
Slack Slack is a popular communication and collaboration platform.
Sunshine Conversations Sunshine Conversations is part of Zendesk and helps connect to another set of channels.
Socket The Socket Endpoint lets you connect to a Flow through a socket interface.
Twilio Twilio is a popular cloud communications platform. The Twilio Endpoint lets you connect Flows to Twilio Programmable Voice.
Twilio Autopilot Twilio is a popular cloud communications platform. The Twilio Autopilot Endpoint makes use of Twilio NLU framework.
Twilio SMS Twilio is a popular cloud communications platform. The Twilio SMS Endpoint lets you connect Flows to Twilio Programmable SMS.
Userlike Userlike is a popular live-chat platform
Webhook The Webhook Endpoint lets you expose Cognigy Flows via Webhook.


Endpoints that act as channel aggregators allow you to connect to multiple channels via a single connection point. Examples: Sunshine Conversations, DialogFlow, Azure Bot Service and RingCentral Engage.

Endpoint Configuration


Endpoints can be pointed to a specific Snapshot. This makes it possible to easily deploy different versions of your Virtual Agent.

Override Snapshot Connections

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Agents with Snapshots have the toggle "Override Snapshot Connections" in the Endpoint editor. Turning this toggle ON will allow this Endpoint to override the Connections in a Snapshot with the Connections in the Project. If a Connection is available only in the Snapshot, then it will be used from the Snapshot irrespective of this toggle setting. If needed, this Connection needs to be manually updated.

Default setting

By default, any Endpoint will keep using the Connections from the Snapshot unless the toggle is turned ON.

The Agent in which the Connection is to be overridden should initially be either restored from a Snapshot, or should have the Connections imported from another (source) Agent using a Package. The Snapshot selected in the Endpoint editor should be a Snapshot created from the same (source) Agent, to make sure that the Connections "match". In this case, if the toggle is ON, any change in the Connections of the restored Agent will be considered over the Connections in the selected Snapshot.


You can verify or troubleshoot Connections by their referenceId, which needs to match both in the Project and the Snapshot for the override feature to work. To do that, use Cognigy.AI API with the Get all Connections request.


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Endpoints also need an entry Flow to start the conversation with. Please note that it is possible to switch Flows during a conversation. As of Cognigy.AI 4.9.0, you can use the "jump to Flow" button next to the Flow selection field on the right-hand side.

Clicking on the link "Manual Input" below the Flow drop-down field displays the Flow ID of the currently selected Flow. Clicking the "Select from Dropdown" link will take you back to the drop-down selection list of Flows.

Endpoint URL

The Endpoint URL states the technical interface to the specific Endpoint. For most channels, it needs to be copied / configured in the channel's settings so that the channel knows how to contact Cognigy.AI.

General Settings > Enabled

This switch allows you to quickly enable or disable the Endpoint.

Natural Language Understanding

This drop-down allows you to select a different NLU engine for this particular Endpoint. Only NLUs that are configured under NLU Connectors are shown in this list.

Data Protection & Analytics (previously called Data Management)

The Data Protection & Analytics section lets you configure which analytics (if any) are collected.

Chatbase Cognigy.AI can be connected directly to Google's Chatbase analytics platform. When enabled, an API key needs to be entered. All relevant data that enters the Endpoint, is forwarded to Chatbase.

Dashbot The Endpoint can also be setup to forward all relevant analytics to Dashbot.

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