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Agent Assist for Voice: Transfer Node

When using the Cognigy Voice Gateway, you need to add a Transfer Node to hand over the call to a human agent.

To transfer the call, select the Dial option to remain in the session and transcribe the audio streams.


In this Transfer Node you need to enable the transcription of audio streams. You can choose between three options:

  • Caller — the customer audio stream.
  • Called — the human agent audio stream.
  • Caller/Called — the customer and the human agent audio stream.

Transcription Webhook

The Transcription Webhook should be set to the Endpoint URL of the Webhook Endpoint that the Agent Assist Workspace flow uses to send the transcription.

Custom SIP Headers

To submit the UUIValue created in the Code Node before, add following to the Custom SIP Headers section within the Transfer Node:

{ "User-to-User": "{{input.UUIValue}}" }


This information is currently specific to embedding the solution into Genesys Cloud CX. If you plan to embed it into other contact centers, additional information may be required.

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