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Conversation Workflow

The customer initiates a Conversation from the website front end - through the Webchat widget.

For example: A customer types 'Hi'

Cognigy Webchat Widget
Cognigy Webchat Widget

An automated response set in the Cognigy.AI Flow will immediately be displayed on the screen as a reply.

Now let us look at how this message is captured in the Agent Dashboard.


Go to the home screen of Live Agent Agent Dashboard

Live Agent Conversations

Click on the Conversation bubble icon in the sidebar. Then click on All Conversations. Conversations which customers have initiated can be seen here.

Now click on a specific Conversation. The Conversation will open, with further details and actions available in the right-hand side panel.

Live Agent Conversations Details
Conversations Details

Show All Inbox Setting

By default, users with the Agent role cannot see the "All" tab for all Conversations. However, there is a setting enabling it per Inbox. When enabled, the user can see all Conversations, including those from other Agents. Otherwise, access will be restricted.

Live Agent Conversations Details
Show All Inbox setting

Assign Agent

If the Inbox has been created without 'auto assign' selected, Conversations will not be automatically assigned to Agents.

Click on the drop-box within the Assigned Agent menu and select the Agent name. You can change the Agents assigned here at any time.

Live Agent Assign Agent
Assign Agent

Assign Team

Click on the drop-box within the Assigned Team menu and select the Team to which this Conversation belongs.

Live Agent Assign Teams
Assign Teams

Assign Labels

Click on Add Labels within the Conversation Labels menu and select the category to which this Conversation belongs.

Live Agent Assign Labels
Assign Labels

You can see in the screenshot below, that all actions performed by you, such as assigning a Conversation to an Agent, are seen in the chat window within the Agent Dashboard.

Live Agent Conversations Actions
Conversations Actions

Reply To A Conversation

You can reply to a customer's Conversation by typing in the Reply section.

Pressing Shift+Enter will allow you to enter an additional new line into your response, while pressing Enter will send the message.

Live Agent Conversations Reply
Reply Conversation

Click on the Send button or press Enter to send your message to the customer.

Conversation Actions

Version badge

Below is a list describing Conversation actions an Agent can take by clicking the following icons.

Button Description
This button allows a human agent to select and include an Emoji in the message.
This button allows a human agent to select and include attachments in the message.
This button allows a human agent to request a file from the customer.
This button allows a human agent to send voice messages to the customer.
This button allows a human agent to send hyperlinked text to the customer.

Agent Assist (Beta)

When Agent Assist is enabled, Agents will - based on customer input - receive AI-powered Agent Assist output as part of the conversation, which can help to better answer a customer.

If forwarding was enabled for Assist messages, the Agent can click the blue arrow to forward content to the end user or customer.

How to Send Canned Responses

Should you wish to include an already prepared or "canned" response as a reply, type '/' and enter the short name of the message. An example is given below. Once you type '/', available canned responses will be listed and which you can select from.

Live Agent Canned Responses
Send Canned Response

How to request file upload


Supported File Types: jpeg, jpg, png, docx, wav, ogg, pdf

Maximum File Size: 40MB

There is an option to enable bots to request files from users. On the bottom of the Live Agent reply box you can click on the "Request file" icon.

Live Agent request file upload
Request file upload

Then you need to confirm that you want to send it to the customer to enable the file upload.

Live Agent request file upload confirm
Request file upload confirm

A message should appear in the chat indicating that the file has been requested.

Live Agent request file upload message
Request file upload message

Now the customer should see a button to open a file upload dialog.

Live Agent request file upload webchat
Request file upload Webchat

After uploading the file, it should be reflected in the Webchat and the Live Agent and the file should be ready for download on the Live Agent side.

Live Agent request file upload webchat completed
Request file upload in Webchat completed
Live Agent request file upload completed
Request file upload completed in Live Agent

More details on the customer side can be found under File Upload Plugin

Private Chat with Agents

There is an option to discuss the customer's Conversation with another Agent, should you need some more clarification or assistance. This option is available beside the Reply tab, labeled Private Note.

Live Agent Private Chat
Private Chat with Agents

Type '@' in the Private Note window, and all Agents who have been added to this Team will be listed. Select an Agent, and type in a message to consult with the selected Agent.

Live Agent Private Chat 2
Private Chat with Agent -2

Click on Add Note to send the message. You can see a locked sign on the message that has been sent. This message will not be visible to the customer.

Live Agent Private Message
Private Message with Agent

The second Agent addressed in the private note will receive a notification in their account.

Replies sent by second Agent will be visible in the Private Note window.

Delete Private Note

There is an option to delete the private note which you have already sent. Click on the 3 dots(...) beside the sent message. An option is available to copy, or to delete the private note. Click on Delete. The private note will be deleted.

Live Agent Delete Message
Delete Message

Sending E-mails

To send a copy of the current conversation, click on the button labeled Send Transcript, placed in the top right corner.

Live Agent Contact Details Menu
Send transcript button

A screen opens up which allows an email can be sent to Agents in the Team. The chat transcript can also be sent to the customer or another selected e-mail address.

Live Agent Conversation Transcript Dialog
Conversation Transcript Dialog

Select your desired option and click on Submit. A message will be displayed "The chat transcript was sent successfully". The chosen recipient will receive the chat transcript in their email inbox.

Transferring Agents

You can transfer an issue/Conversation to another Agent by selecting a different Agent from Assigned Agent menu. The entire Conversation will be visible to the newly selected Agent.

Setting Reminders and Status

The status can be changed to 'Resolved' once a resolution is provided to the customer.

Live Agent Conversations Status
Conversations Status

The Conversation statuses available are listed below. Once a conversation is marked as resolved, its state cannot be changed back to open or pending.

Options Actions
Mark as Pending Change the issue to Pending status
Resolve Change the issue to Resolved status
Abort and Resolve Change the issue to Resolved status, and add the queryable abort attribute
Open Change the pending issue to Open status
Snooze Until Next Reply The issue will be set aside for now, and status will change to Open on the next reply from customer
Snooze Until Tomorrow The issue will be set aside for now, and status will change to Open the next day
Snooze Until Next Week The issue will be set aside for now, and status will change to Open next week

Conversations can be selected and filtered by their statuses within the Conversation panel, as seen below.

Live Agent Conversations Selections
Select Conversation

Previous Conversations

Once a Conversation has been marked as resolved - the next time the same customer starts a new Conversation, the previous Conversation associated with this customer will be shown in the Previous Conversations menu. This will help the Agent to understand the history of the customer's issue.

Live Agent Previous Conversations